New song!!   Check out my new song "Back Home"!  An instrumental version will also be available on the upcoming album.   Enjoy! 

Photo is from Tove Kristin Kallevig.


GREAT NEWS!! Check out the new song "Dirty Reggae" which will be featured on the upcoming album being released this Fall !

Photo credit Scott Wright Photography

Mix & master done by Samuel Alphée Richard

Michel produced and recorded an instructional bellydance CD for Studio Sephira.  The album has been designed to help students at her dance school embody various middle eastern dance movements.

To get more information on Studio Sephira, check out her website:

Enjoy this song that was recorded for fun, a cover of "Lament" by Jeff Martin. 

Photo is a stunning painting called "Palmeras" courtesy of Lauro Pedraza

"Light shining all around the bay...  in this river ride..."


Here is a video/song that was recorded for fun, a cover of Daniel Lanois' song "Still Water". It's not for sale, so enjoy...check it out!